Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catchin' up!

Well, well, certainly has been awhile...Uh, huh..oh, yes, well it does sound like you've been busy. Right, right...oh, well that's too bad, please send our thoughts to your dog groomer. No, I guess it isn't that normal to be so attached to your pet aesthetic care professional...that's what they like to be called, eh? Well, I must take note of that. Anyway, who knew that shampoo could be so combustible? A whole city block, oh my! Well, I guess we can all be thankful that no one was hurt...oh, oh, really? Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed....3 lizards and a spider? well, that certainly...what were they doing there...ah, really, you can cut a spider's hair?...the tarantula kind, oh...with the furriness, etc...well, yes, i guess they would want to look their best as well...I didn't really mean anything...what's that? No, I don't hate spiders per se...Yes, I'm sure they are very intelligent and caring animals...I didn't mean to imply...what's that? Your mother was a tarantula? Well that would explain.....Oh, your mother OWNED tarantulas, I see....Well, I certainly will rethink my position on....What's that? Change the subject? Yes, I suppose that's for the best isn't it? What's new with me? Oh nothing much, just ALL THIS MADNESS!!!!


Saturday, June 18th
Issue Project Room Artist-in-Residency Program presents
Bojan Vuletic's Atemwende for trumpet and string quartet
Nate Wooley trumpet with MIVOS string quartet

also, Nate Wooley and Peter Evans celebrate their debut duo disc, "High Society" on Carrier Records with a short but probably brutal, maybe relaxing duo set

8:30 pm
Issue Project Room
232 3rd Street

June 23
Harris Eisenstadt's Canada Day at Undead Fest

Kenny's Castaways
157 Bleeker Street
7:40 sharp

June 24
Nate Wooley Quintet Omega

Nate Wooley trumpet
Josh Sinton bari sax
Matt Moran vibes
Dan Peck tuba
Harris Eisenstadt drums
some of the old tunes, some new tunes and the new alternate reality line up for when we shed a tear because Eivind isn't around...should be a blast!
1118 Cortelyou Road
Doors 9 pm
10 buckaroos

June 29
Duo with C. Spencer Yeh (manimal)

Douglass Street Collective
295 Douglass Street!
8 pm
donations warmly expected

Also, as mentioned above, the new duo record with Peter is out now on Carrier Records. You can find it, buy it, and love it... here ....we'll also have copies at the June 18th show.

Hey, it sure has been great seeing you..say hello to your mother for me.

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