Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Trio CD on Porter Records March 17!

"Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing" on Porter Records comes out on March 17th. This is the debut disc of a new group featuring Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello and electronics and Jason Roebke on bass. I first played with Fred and Jason as a unit at the Umbrella Festival in Chicago in 2006. It was during my days of willy-nilly promotion (not that those are completely over) and I made a proposal to Elastic Arts to do something with local musicians for the festival. If you don't know why I picked Fred and Jason, then you probably haven't heard them, or you only like music that you can have hot sex to. They are two of the most creative, quickest thinking and organic musicians I have ever worked with.

We went into BelAir Studios with Todd Carter of TV Pow in February of 2007. The group has a raw economy that was initially uncomfortable for me. I think it is very intimate and human improvisation. Even Fred's electronics have a certain detached warmth to them. I am incredibly proud of this recording and am excited about Porter Records' decision to release the results of, what I hope will be a long association and Sarah Spears contributing a beautiful photo for the front cover.

The group will be on a short East Coast tour in the fall and please feel free to contact me at or go to for copies of the disc after they are released on 3/17.

More news soon:

There will be an upcoming interview in Dan Warburton's Paris Transatlantic on February 25th

The Seven Storey Mountain featuring Paul Lytton and David Grubbs will be released on Important Records June 23rd.

Also, look out for Crackleknob (Mary Halvorson and Reuben Radding and I) on HatHut Records at the end of April!