Monday, May 9, 2011

European Tour Dates May 2011!!!!Lytton, Parker, Russell, Antunes, and Solo

I'll be heading to Europe for a strange and whirlwind trip, incorporating some duo and solo shows in with groupings of old and new friends. Here's the information I have so far.

May 15th
Paul Lytton/Nate Wooley duo
The Cube
Dove Street South
Bristol, Bs2 8JD
8 pm

May 16th
Paul Lytton/Nate Wooley duo
Folly Bridge Inn
38 Abingdon Road
Oxford, OX1 4PD
8 pm

May 17th
Paul Lytton/Nate Wooley Cafe Oto Residency
featuring Okkyung Lee and Philip Wachsmann
18-22 Ashwin Street

May 18th
Paul Lytton/Nate Wooley Cafe Oto Residency
featuring Evan Parker and John Russell
18-22 Ashwin Street
8 pm
6 pm will be a lecture for Brunel University on a new series of solo pieces I've been commissioned to do for my Issue Project Room residency this year...It will be free!

May 22nd
Les Atelier Claus
passage charles rogier (gare du nord place rogier)
4 pm
also featuring the great band MOUNTAINS!!!!

Trio with Hugo Antunes of Roll Call Quintet!
soulbar parazzar
torhoutsesteenweg 10
Bruges, Belgium
8 pm

May 24
with Paul Hubweber and Paul Lytton
Aachen, Germany
8 pm

Hope to see you there!!!!

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