Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lytton/Wooley and Lytton/Wooley/Vandermark Dates

For the first time since their recent release, Creak Above 33 on Evan Parker's Psi imprint, the duo of British percussionist Paul Lytton and American trumpeter Nate Wooley hits the U.S.

There's lots and lots of special guests on these shows, including a great trio with Joe Morris that I've wanted to do for a long time, two trio shows with the great Ikue Mori, a couple of hits with a new quartet with C. Spencer Yeh and Okkyung Lee, the new recording of Seven Storey Mountain (with the monster Corsano/Lytton drum double team), tons of fun in Chicago and a tour with the inimitable Ken Vandermark! Try and make it out if you can. If you can't find info about times and addresses, drop me a line at and I'll make it happen!

March 2nd
The Stone
New York, NY
...8 pm Lytton/Wooley
10 pm Lytton/Wooley/Ikue Mori

March 4th
Sonic Circuits
Washington, DC
Sam Pluta/Peter Evans/Jim Altieri

March 5th
Ars Nova
Vox Populi Gallery
Lytton/Wooley/C. Spencer Yeh/Okkyung Lee

March 6th
Buffalo, NY

March 7th
Cornell University
Time and Place TBA

March 8th
Bard College
Time and Place TBA
Lytton/Wooley/Ikue Mori

March 9th
NEC masterclass
6 pm

Lily Pad
9 pm
Lytton/Wooley/Joe Morris

March 11
Seven Storey Mountain
Issue Project Room
Brooklyn, NY
Lytton/Wooley/Chris Corsano/C. Spencer Yeh/David Grubbs/Matt Moran/Chris Dingman
Live Recording!

March 12
New York, NY
Lytton/Wooley/C. Spencer Yeh/Okkyung Lee
Also Christine Bard/Jim Pugliese and Vincent Chancey

March 15
Sugar Maple
Milwaukee, WI

March 16
The Hideout
Chicago, IL
Lytton/Vandermark Wooley

March 17
Chicago, IL
Lytton/Wooley/Dave Rempis/Michael Zerang/Jim Baker/Jason Roebke/Jeb Bishop/Kent Kessler

March 18
The Stone
8 pm Ken Vandermark/Joe McPhee
10 pm Lytton/Vandermark/Wooley

and just for kicks

March 19
The Stone
10 pm Vandermark/Morris/Wooley

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