Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I've been on a kick lately regarding "general knowledge". After years and years of being honed in on one or two subjects, trumpet, vegan food, Proust and/or Melville (depending on what was lightest to carry), the Muppets, I had realized that a good, round, broad set of skills could be very rewarding. I don't know anything about geology, physics, expressionist art, or agriculture for example. I was jumping head deep into a ton of topics willy nilly, hoping to glean enough to become some sort of second coming renaissance man. I would be lying if I said that I had not fantasized about being a experimental music James Bond that walked around quoting Rilke and could fix HVAC units with a well placed smirk all while fixing the world's psychological problems with superhugs and a damsel in distresses broken heel with a compound made of crushed waterbug and wheat gluten. When you fantasize, fantasize big. I had a little bit of an epiphany today when I went to the doctor. I have only made it through the blood-letting process twice in my entire life without passing out like a giant, hairy rag doll. I wake up every time hearing the most beautiful nurse in the room say "It's always the big ones that pass out". Beyond this not being very physically comfortable it is quite a blow to my all too fragile ego. Needless to say, I put off the doctor whenever I can. Shanda was behind this visit, so I knew there would be no chance to back out. A new woman took my blood, a 50 year old Jamaican woman named Darliss with bright red hair. Her husband and her were born on the same date as me and she was very sad about his recent passing. I don't know why I found all of this out, as I just sat there passively with the tourniquet turning my right arm into a sweaty pulsing sausage, but before I knew it....PLUNK....right into the vein, blood everywhere, UNPLUNK....out again and she had a bandaid on me and was ready to pat my little white butt out the door. As I walked out the door onto Union Square, I thought how beautiful it is when someone can do something really well, something that they have done a million times, and have raised to an art form. I'm still interested in finding out what birds live in my neighborhood or the history of the Oregon Territory, but I kind of like where I am, with my few specialties, and I hope that some day I can bring someone as much comfort as Darliss brought to me today. Speaking of specialization, Clifford Allen, has used his specific talents to a horrible end, and has decided to interview me for The interview went up today and is much different from the PT kicks of a couple of weeks ago. I consider my 15 minutes up at this point. And, to follow the thread further, I will be performing a series of new compositions with two fine specialists this weekend: Johannes Lauer (trombone, piano, composition)Tyshawn Sorey (drums, trombone, piano, composition)Nate (I just play the trumpet)maybe someone else doing something else? Saturday August 1st8 pmThe Stone2nd street and Ave C 10.00 mugs.

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