Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Three New Releases and Special Deal!

I just got my copies of the second installment of Seven Storey Mountain, this one featuring Chris Corsano on drums and C. Spencer Yeh on violin. It's beautifully frenetic and I'm very proud of it. On top of that, a great improv session from the bay area came out on Weasel Walter's UgExplode Label as well as the first recorded document of my duo with Peter Evans, High Society (on Carrier Records). It's kind of rare that so much comes out at the same time, but here I am with all these discs and I would rather people were hearing them, eh? So, here's what I propose, a tiered pricing system like the little capitalist pig I am.
Deal: One disc....10 dollars

Better Deal: Two discs....18 dollars

Say What?: Three discs....27 dollars

The whole motherfucking shebang (this includes all three discs mentioned above, plus the first version of 7 storey with David Grubbs and Paul Lytton)...45 dollars

Okay, so that seems fine and all and maybe you're even thinking "yeah, but I can already download all that stuff for free", but guess what, Captain Piratepants....I'm including shipping on those mugs...in the price! yup....bow to industry.

make paypal payments available to natewooley@gmail.com and please specify your address and which discs you would like.

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