Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a Capitalist, dammit.

I've locked my blog in the basement for a couple of months because it used wire hangers.

No, that isn't funny, I agree.

I am finally back on it to announce a boatload of releases in the month of Marpril and to promise to be more on top of getting those gig emails on here more regularly.


for those of you that don't have a computer, you can't read this anyway, so it doesn't matter.

The Almond, an excerpt from a longer piece that I'm coddling on its way out the door to a nice record label in the country where it can run around all it wants, is up now on Compost and Height

It's a new kind of piece for me, not really sure what that means, but I find it kind of exciting nonetheless. Plus it has this nice photo from the lovely and talented Sarah Spears (sorry Sarah, I turned it upside down).

There is also a new solo LP out on the great Smeraldina-Rima label called "Nate Wooley Trumpet/Amplifier". Fantastic cover art, great liners from Ben Hall and nice heavy wax. Side A is two completely acoustic tracks and side B is one long feedback piece with the trumpet being used to mold things.

And finally, and the most recent!

Paul Lytton/Nate Wooley Creak Above 33 on Emanem/Psi!!!!!!!!

I"m so excited about this, I can't even tell you. Paul has been one of my heroes for a long time, and to get to work with him over a long period has been life changing. I'm really proud of this record. It's a tough one, and that makes me really excited, something to sink the teeth into. Beautiful cover by Anna Lytton and some real weird liner notes/drawings by Paul and I. Special thanks to Evan Parker for getting this one going!

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  1. 'Creak' is incredible! I knew it would be;pre-ordered this,and was first on my block to get a copy;screaming congressman,Joe Wilson(a few doors down)was SO jealous! The music is a little 'tough',but ultimately,a LOT of fun.My initial reaction was to immediately play again...and again.Great music.Thanks!