Friday, May 1, 2009

When it Rains it Pours: Two New Releases!


soccer Committee & machinefabriek remixed and covered

Well, the subtitle says it all.

80 minutes of music, and one hell of a trip.

The cd is housed in a stylish grey tone carton sleeve, and it's mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

The tracklist:

Andrea Belfi High Jacked Drone 1

Holden Goldmund Di-o-day

Taylor Deupree For I Am Distant

Mark Templeton Landslide

The Puddle parade Magpie

Nate Wooley Mees

Tori, Reiko & Namio Kudo Thole

Francisco López Untitled 221

Németh Very Well Drawn, re-edited

The north Sea Di-o-day

Steinbrüchel Seem

Squares on Both Sides Very Well Drawn

Gary Smith Klauwier Materials, solo guitar into a duo

Lawrence English A Reversion to Thole

Kenneth Kirschner Di-o-day

Annelies Monseré For I Have None

The Fun Years The Fun Years Scribble with Crayons

Stefano Pilia Mees

Peter Broderick Christopher (for Suzanne)

Xela Low Drone 2

15 euro including worldwide shipping.

Machinefabriek is one of my recent favorites, especially his solo album "Dauw", so I was honored to be asked to tear apart one of the pieces he worked on with visionary trumpet player Franz Hautzinger, lots and lots of slow tape and maybe a little more nightmarish than the original. I'm really looking forward to everyone else's contributions!

and.......along the lines of a Crackleknob like patience!


"Quadrologues is the second Clean Feed release by the New York based quartet Transit. This collection of pieces integrates the tradition of jazz and the never obvious approaches to music. Each piece reveals an intelligent design with a clarity of purpose. Static and the hyper activity of free-jazz are equal partners in Transit's compositions. Falling in and out of tradition - Transit has created it's own "thumbprint" that reveals an individual sensitivity within a group consciousness. Jeff Arnal (percussion), Seth Misterka (alto saxophone), Reuben Radding (double bass) and Nate Wooley (trumpet) contribute choices in the moment - Impulse - Silence – Response - from a rich palette of individual style within a non linear structure. Each moment is unique and unpredictable. Quadrologues can count itself as apart of a new emerging music - unknown sounds of the 21st century. This collective is informed by decades of experimentation in the trenches of the Avant Garde. Full of risk but quick to reveal the importance of cooperation and the synergy of true dialogue. In conclusion: this music creates an innovative landscape that mirrors the complexities of the environment from which it emerged."

This is a great band that doesn't get to play often enough, but always seems to make some magic when it does. I'm really excited for this one. If you have the first eponymous release, get this and be a completist!!!

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