Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Looks like the interview for All About Jazz California came out this month. God bless 'em. Ollie is a good guy and did a very nice interview. Transcribed the thing off of tape afterward, and well, I think I mumble a little, because some of it is just a little off, but what the hell, it mostly came through I think....basics: trio record, buy it....the internet is good.....Porter Records is an awesome label.....I have hero worship problems. Oh, and before you write me a nasty email, I DO know that Paul Lytton is not a bassist.

P.S. "Throw Down Your Hammer and Sing" dropped yesterday, although I did see a display for it at Other Music in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago (those dirty birds!), so buy a copy or nine. Please do it from Porter if you can! I don't have a ton of copies and if you can support Luke, it is a good thing.

I've got a version of the article if you are so inclined. Just drop me a line and I'll .pdf that mug for you.

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